Jared Haze

Jared Haze

Born to a poor family on the southern coast of Ireland, Jared spent his 6 years of life learning the trade of sheep herding from his father. At age 5 he was named the best sheep herder in the Northern Hemisphere. This was a pretty high honor for a 5 year old.

By age 6 he was done with the rough life of the job and the weather of Ireland. He bought a kayak and launched into the Atlantic and drifted all the way down to Venezuela and was a corn picker from age 6 to 10.

While he was there he was told of this great country called the United States of America. There was a group from his farm making a trip up there to try to get into the U.S. and he decided he wanted to go with them. They made it up and across the border in 2000.

Trying to find his way he somehow got an internship to be assistant to the 72nd postmaster general John E. Potter. He worked there until he quit in 2009 after the office was in shambles from the whole 6 day delivery cover up.

From there he was somewhat of a drifter for the next few years hitch all across the U.S. to try to find his way again. Finally one night in the early fall of 2012 he had hitch hiked all the way down to Fort Myers. He was taken in by a sweet lady. After getting cleaned up and staying with her for a week she introduced him to a title company that was hiring and he’s been there ever since.

All kidding aside, Jared moved to Florida for a fresh start and new opportunities. He has excelled at learning all aspects of the title business and continues to grow along side of Winged Foot Title. His hobbies now include golf, working out and wake-boarding.

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