How long does a real estate closing in Florida take to complete?

Flora P., a seller customer, asked us how long real estate closings in Florida take to complete. Like most things, it is difficult to generalize.  And in Flora’s case, she might have been asking about the actual closing (i.e., the signing of documents) or the time it takes to get from contract to closing.  We’ll take a look at the time it takes for the physical closing here.

How long will the actual closing take?  How long will it take to sign my closing documents?


If you are a seller in Florida, like Flora, the time it takes to execute the documents required at closing should be pretty short. There are surprisingly few documents (about 5) to be signed.  We have seen sellers complete their signings in as few as 5 minutes.  Ultimately, it depends on how quickly the individual wants to get it done.

We do our best to make the physical closing as efficient as possible for our clients. One important way we do that is by sending closing documents to clients electronically prior to the physical closing so that they may review them and ask questions in advance.


If you are a buyer in Florida, the time it will take to sign your real estate closing documents will depend on whether you are paying cash or financing your purchase. 

A cash purchase requires very few documents to be signed (about 4).   Again, we have had clients sign in as few as 5 minutes!  Others, of course, take a bit more time. 


Real estate closing - Mortgage and Keys

If you are financing your purchase, you should expect the physical closing to take more time.  A typical loan package (all of which you must sign at closing) is about 100 pages.  We like to schedule at least 30 to 45 minutes for loan closings. 

The actual time it will take to fully execute the documents depends on the borrower.  Some clients are comfortable signing quickly without reading each document thoroughly.  Others, of course, take more time.  Ideally, borrowers may preview their loan documents prior to the physical closing, which of course allows them to take their time and prepare their questions.  We facilitate this when we are able; and our ability to do so depends on the borrower’s lender getting us the loan documents in time to make that happen.

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