Fort Myers Title Company Assumes Various "Identities" at Recent Events



Fort Myers Title Insurance Company, Winged Foot Title, has a some very unique marketing strategies for promoting short sale closings at recent events, including a fully costumed staff and creatively themed booths.

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FORT MYERS, FL—October 4, 2011— The staff at Fort Myers Title Company, Winged Foot Title, does not feel that dressing up should be reserved only for Halloween. At recent events, the staff has made a point of illustrating the spirit and creativity they put forth in crafting exceptional real estate transactions, through bringing a little spirit and creativity to their event booths.

At the annual Fort Myers realtors convention and trade show at the Harbourside Event Center last month, the “crew” at Winged Foot Title decided to don the set and costume of another familiar crew, which started out on a three hour tour. Only the Winged Foot crew declared that, “If not for the courage of the Short Sale crew the closing would be lost, the closing would be lost!!!”

Those aboard at the Giligan’s Island themed booth included: Marketing Manager, Rich Galipeau, as “the Skipper”; Attorney, Chris Black, as “Gilligan”; Director of Operations, Megan Bernasconi, as “Ginger the movie star”; Lydia Black as “ MaryAnn”, and Valerie Black as “Mrs. Howell”. Attendees claimed that it was difficult to answer the aged old question of “Ginger or MaryAnn”.

The fearless crew of Winged Foot Title walked away from this event with the “most creative booth” for the first, but not the last, time. A few days later, the marketing “cast” of Winged Foot Title was spotted at the Copperleaf Golf course for the 2011 Annual BEAR (the Bonita Estero Association of Realtors) Charity Golf Tournament. However, this time, they were posing as doctors.

The theme of Winged Foot Title’s golf tournament table was, “Phony OB-GYN Physicians deliver timely and accurate deliveries of short sale approvals and real estate closings”. Rich Galipeau and Megan Bernasconi dressed as OB-GYN physicians and attracted much attention by administering “medicines of their own prescription” to realtors and guests playing in the tournament.

One of the golfers told the Winged Foot Title staff, “Your guys are crazy, but you kept me ‘hydrated’ and made me laugh. Call me for an appointment next week.”

Said Marketing Manager, Rich Galipeau, “The goal of Winged Foot Title’s creative marketing techniques is to prove how we apply the same gusto and creativity when gaining approvals for short sales and when crafting exceptional real estate transactions. It is also a wonderful team building experience, providing some great memories and entertaining photos!”

The Winged Foot Title team is preparing the staff to attend future events. However, at this time, the “identity” of the team is yet to be revealed.

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