Fort Myers Title Company Debuts New eBook, “10 Questions You Should Ask About Florida Short Sales”



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Fort Myers Florida title company, Winged Foot Title LLC, released a new eBook “10 Questions You Should Ask About Florida Short Sales”. Realtors, lenders and homeowners,are provided with clear and developed answers to their most frequently asked short sale questions.

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA--February 1, 2012--In today’s real estate market many homeowners are faced with the need to sell their home, but deciding if a short sale is right for them can be daunting. To help answer these pressing short sale questions, a southwest Florida real estate settlement and title insurance services company, Winged Foot Title LLC, has published the free eBook, “10 Questions You Should Ask about Florida Short Sales”. The free eBook explains in laypersons’ terminology important mortgage concepts, the potential costs of a Florida short sale, deficiency judgments, and the possible consequences of a Florida short sale. It is a great resource for homeowners, realtors and lenders alike and a must-read for anyone considering a short sale in Florida.

To be sure, the eBook is not intended as a substitute for independent legal advice. It does, however, introduce some of the most pressing issues related to short sales in Florida. Attorney and owner of Winged Foot Title, LLC, Chris Black, said, “Our title company has orchestrated and closed over 650 short sales. This vast experience has provided great insight into which questions and issues are most on the minds of potential short sellers. This eBook is intended to present to homeowners, as well as lenders and realtors, these short sale issues so that they may address them with eyes wide open and so that they are not surprised by outcomes of which they weren’t aware.”

With easy to understand analysis of notes, mortgages, deficiencies, etc., Winged Foot Title offers those in a short sale situation a wealth of insight and knowledge. This eBook is focused on providing answers to questions such as:

  • Can the bank come after me?
  • Should I just walk away?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • Are there tax consequences?
  • Where do I get help?

Recently, one short sale client wrote, “Very professional…Handled a short sale from start to finish and everyone involved were always kept informed, which is so very important.”

Black indicated that Winged Foot Title’s professionals strive to provide the highest level of expertise and customer service to their clients. In keeping with that goal, the company offers a FREE Short Sale Tool Kit which includes eBooks, Pre-Listing Searches, Webinars, Hardship packages and more.

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