Owner of Winged Foot Title to Present at 2014 National Settlement Services Summit in New Orleans



Chris Black, owner of Winged Foot Title, has been asked to speak at the 2014 National Settlement Services Summit, taking place June 9th-11th in New Orleans.

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA (May 15, 2014) - Chris Black, owner of Winged Foot Title, a real estate settlement company in Ft Myers, has been asked to speak at the 2014 National Settlement Services Summit in New Orleans. The summit will take place on June 9th-11th at the New Orleans Marriott. Black will be presenting from 1-2pm on Tuesday, June 10th. The topic of his presentation will be, “Partnerships, Competition and Creative Thinking: Encountering Ways to Add to Your Revenue Stream.”

This Summit has become an annual destination for title agents, mortgage lenders, and settlement services providers from around the country to come together for networking and learning. During the Summit, expert speakers and noted industry veterans take the stage with educational presentations, informative panel discussions and instructional breakout sessions.

During Black’s presentation, he and other professionals from innovative title agencies will be discussing what “the title agent next door” is doing.

“Many professionals may wonder how some agents seem to be pulling in extra business, while others are feeling the effects of unfavorable market shifts. During this session, we’ll be sharing ‘outside-the-box’ methods for improving revenue streams.”

The panel of experts will also offer creative suggestions about how to add beneficial segments to business models, explore ancillary revenue streams, and share ways to partner with other industry members.

Black was chosen to present at this summit because of his extensive background and expertise in his industry, as well as his reputation as a renowned keynote speaker for the Title industry. He has presented at many national and local conferences, including serving as a keynote speaker every year at the American Land Title Association Annual Convention.

For more information about the 2014 National Settlement Services Summit (NS3), visit www.octoberresearch.com/summit/2014.

As the leader of Winged Foot Title, LLC in Fort Myers, Florida Chris Black founded the company in 2007 and quickly found a niche in the short sale market. Conventional sales were far and few in between and sales of REO properties (foreclosures) were typically assigned to a title company of the lender’s choosing.

In early 2013 as the real estate market continued to improve and the amount of short sales declined, Chris new it was time to reinvent his company and focus more on engaging his consumers while educating his referral base. To accomplish these goals, Winged Foot Title has implemented an 8-step Consumer Engagement Program to maintain contact and provide value to their clients. Meanwhile, Winged Foot Title rolled out a monthly #WFTLearn event to provide topics in which their referral partners could learn a new skill for free, thereby providing superior service to their clients. For more information about Chris Black, Esq. visit WingedFootTitle.com/about/Chris-Black-Esq.


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