Winged Foot Title Masters the Art of Closing Fort Myers Short Sales Quickly



Winged Foot Title has mastered best practices for closing Fort Myers short sales quickly and successfully, with many different lenders.

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA — July 11, 2011 — Winged Foot Title has mastered the art of closing Fort Myers short sales quickly and efficiently, with a variety of different lenders. This concept, called the Short Sale Title Solutions Process is a 9-step process that has been successful with many lenders in effectively streamlining the closing of short sale homes.

Miriam Cady-Libretti, one of a handful of Winged Foot Title’s short sale specialists, attributes the record pace to the submission of a complete short sale package, as well as the commitment of listing agents to get the required information from clients in a timely fashion.

“Complete packages are going to the top of the negotiator’s stack of files,” said Cady-Libretti. “This is especially true when the negotiator must answer to an investor like Fannie Mae. The quicker we are able to get the negotiator the right information, the quicker they are able to open the communication lines with the investor.”

Winged Foot Title’s short sale process has allowed homes to close more quickly and, because of its title insurance focus, with fewer title and settlement issues. Closings have been completed with no deficiency judgements, and with closing costs concessions paid on behalf of the buyers. The process has been effective, even in a variety of scenarios including FDIC Receivership closings, Lis Pendens cases, and second short sale closings.

A list of various lenders that have had successful short sale closings with Winged Foot Title can be viewed on their Short Sale Success Stories page.

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